Church Bells

Today I heard bells ringing from the church I grew up attending. I was immediately transported back in time. Back then, the town was small enough to hear the bells from almost anywhere in town. I closed my eyes and saw my sister and I sitting in front of our house, humming along with the melody. We always knew the time of day by how many times the bells tolled after the tune. Hardly anyone was out on the streets today but the bells still rang, dong, dong! Two bells. Here in the midst of this crazy pandemic, the sound of the church bells brought me a sense of timeless peace. 


Just minutes after I heard the bells, the silence was broken by a siren a block or two away. I prayed for the first responders, for their health as they put themselves at risk to help someone. I prayed for the person in crisis. I hoped it was not more of this virus.

Yet the siren didn’t diminish my peace. This pandemic is part of today, but it is not forever. It does not define us. The world moves on. God is still on His throne. Todays events are an opportunity to seek His peace. Whether we are healthy or sick, whether we live temporarily on earth or live in eternally in heaven, we are defined only by God’s indwelling Spirit. Don’t let anyone convince you differently!



Couldn’t resist sharing this 🙂